IML: a mission of general interest, a partner with impact

IML: a mission of general interest, a partner with impact

In this election period, IML wanted to find out what the political parties' priorities were when it came to healthcare. The "Grand Questionnaire de la Santé 2023" underlines the importance of the pharmaceutical sector in the development of tomorrow's medicines. The survey reveals that making new treatments available to Luxembourg patients is the parties' number one priority.  

The European legal context, waiting times, pricing procedures and the resources allocated to innovative research are all key issues that form an integral part of the mission of IML, the voice of the pharmaceutical industry in Luxembourg. 

The survey shows that these subjects have positively challenged the public authorities. We thank them for their recognition of our mission. The next step is to turn intentions into real steering committees. 

As part of our commitment to effective collaboration, we are open to discussion and receptive to any proposals that might support our public-interest mission to serve patients in therapy.  

Our visions, missions and priorities are based on a partnership approach with all healthcare players, within a strict deontological framework and with complete political neutrality. 

For IML, supporting patients is always the goal of every initiative we undertake. 

Let's work together to enable patients to benefit from the most appropriate therapies.  

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