Code of ethics

The Code of Ethics applies to all types of communication and interaction (traditional and digital) by our members.

Code of ethics for the innovative pharmaceutical industry

The IML Code constitutes the set of ethical rules agreed upon by its members for the Promotion of Medicines to Healthcare Professionals (HCP) and interactions with HCPs, healthcare organizations (HCO) and patient organizations (PO), with the aim of ensuring that these activities are conducted in accordance with the highest ethical principles of professionalism and accountability.

Our Code outlines and reiterates the culture of ethics and integrity necessary to guide the industry's interactions with the healthcare and patient community.  

Membership in the IML implies adherence to its ethical principles.  

This code is available not only to our members, health care professionals, but also to anyone interested in the operation of the innovative pharmaceutical industry, which is the only one to have put in place a strict and transparent policy.

Code of ethics for the innovative pharmaceutical industry

IML's Code of Ethics and Guidelines are available only in French.

Translation of IML's Code of Ethics in English


This translation of the Code of Ethics in English is proposed only for the convenience of the members. IML’s Code of Ethics in its French version is the binding code in the event of divergence.

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