Ethics in our practices

Representing the innovative pharmaceutical industry, we are in contact with institutional, national and European actors in order to enable pharmaceutical innovations for Luxembourg patients. Transparency is at the heart of what we do.

Ethics in our practices

Like our members, we respect our code of ethics, but we have gone even further by forming a partnership with other Letzpact players. Transparency, integrity and respect are the three values we are committed to promoting in all our actions.

As a founding member of LetzPact, we respect and support the good practices that we participate in developing. Thus, we contribute to a more responsible public affairs sector.

10 Letzpact rules, to which we are committed:

1. We advocate transparency with regard to the identity and interests represented.

2. We avoid conflicts of interest, i.e., advocating for conflicting interests in an issue.

3. We defend the interests of our clients in a legitimate manner, through communication and exchange of information.

4. We strive to provide reliable and accurate information to our contacts and target groups at all times.

5. We respect the autonomy and integrity of our interlocutors.

6. We are professional in the broadest sense of the word.

7. We present an accurate picture of the role and impact of our professional activities.

8. We acknowledge and respect, where appropriate, the confidentiality of information provided by our stakeholders.

9. We comply with the legislation and other regulations applicable to our professional activities.

10. We apply the principles of the LetzPact Charter in a fair manner and contribute to the reputation of public affairs.

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