Collaboration with patients

The patient's voice is central. Focus on our collaboration with Eupati Luxembourg.

Collaboration with patients

Some problems are too big to solve alone. Today's health care challenges are complex and require the skills and perspectives of a variety of stakeholders.  Public and private researchers, regulators, healthcare providers and policymakers, with the vital support of patients and the general public, are helping to develop many safe and effective solutions.

These partnerships are also key to unlocking solutions to the challenges we must solve together in the years ahead, including those arising from an aging population and rising rates of non-communicable diseases. By working together, health care stakeholders can ensure that their priorities are reflected in the way services are planned, funded and delivered.

In this context, the voice of the patient is central. The innovative pharmaceutical industry aims to put patients at the center of its concerns. Alongside healthcare actors, the contribution of local authorities, civil society organizations and technology companies shows that no one actor has a monopoly on good ideas or solutions. Indeed, sometimes new partners can be found where we least expect them. If the principles of transparency, trust and mutual respect are respected, we must remain open to new ideas from wherever they come and to work together.  Therefore, on April 4, 2019, together with representatives from the academic world, representatives of patients and patient associations, a representative of the Ministry of Health, the innovative pharmaceutical association co-founded EUPATI Luxembourg.

Since the launch of EUPATI Luxembourg, the innovative pharmaceutical industry is a committed partner for patients.

EUPATI is a public-private partnership offering training and education to patients and patient representatives in the field of drug research and development. They provide patients with accessible and reliable information and education on drug research and development and other therapeutic innovations.

Eupati Luxembourg brings together patients, academics and industry partners to discuss patient education and patient involvement in drug research and development (R&D). The platforms raise awareness of the essential role of patients and members identify challenges and opportunities for joint action.

If you would like to learn more, attend events or even help define the future patient education strategy in your country, please visit the EUPATI website or the Eupati Luxembourg Facebook.

(The Eupati Luxembourg website is under construction).

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