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Infarama enables healthcare companies to master the legal requirements for their products and services efficiently, reliably & sustainably.

  • Efficiently: Swift, accurate, and highly professional compliance
  • Reliably: Earned trust from authorities, consumers & companies
  • Sustainably: Getting the product to the market – and keeping it there


Infarama does this by providing excellent services in:

By being a reliable partner to health authorities and by supporting patients’ access to active and safe healthcare products and services, our work contributes to a healthy society.


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  • Participate in committees and commissions, in the different working groups
  • Free access to our intranet
  • Profit of the organizations networh:  exchangres between experts, invitation to formations and exclusive meetings (economical, scientific, industrial, social, legal, RSE, parlementary, european, communication…)
  • Being represented and being defended in front of institutions and the public, see the image of drug producing companies valued.

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